This collection presents mostly « rare gems » or « collector gems », more often not used in jewellery because of rarity or hardness. Rarity is due to  the quantity available, or a rare color, source or inclusion, or the difficulty to cut the rough into a faceted gem. Microphotographies are taken with an old Olympus microscope and an iphone. These gems are not for sale, but some extra specimens may be available. The collection is visible but stored in a specific location, so please contact me for an appointment.

The « colourless » diamonds have shades from yellowish to colourless, classified from D to Z, D being extremely expensive. The clarity is classified from Flawless to I3, Flawless being extremely expensive. The colours are classified from light to Fancy Vivid. The colours of diamonds are: colourless, salt&pepper, Fancy white (milky and uv reactive), chameleon (color changing with heat), green, yellow, blue, pink, purple and red. The rarest are chameleon, fancy vivid green, yellow, pink and blue, and the rarest or rarest are the red, the purple and the vivid pink from the Argyle mine.

Enhancement techniques are multiple, from fracture filling to irradiation to get better colors.

Article about fancy black and fancy white diamonds, GIA