This collection presents mostly « rare gems » or « collector gems », more often not used in jewellery because of rarity or hardness. Rarity is due to  the quantity available, or a rare color, source or inclusion, or the difficulty to cut the rough into a faceted gem. Microphotographies are taken with an old Olympus microscope and an iphone. These gems are not for sale, but some extra specimens may be available. The collection is visible but stored in a specific location, so please contact me for an appointment.

Zoisite most famous variety is the Tanzanite, a marketing name invented by Tiffany. 95% of Tanzanite are heated, to eliminate the purple hue and give the stone a deep blue, sought after by jewellery. Tanzanite rough cannot be exported anymore, the gems are cut directly in Tanzania, and recut in Europe. Much rarer are the other colors of Zoisite, like pink, yellow and green. Star zoisite are very rare.